H4 Bi-Xenon Installation Instructions
i) Never touch the glass on a headlight bulb - this goes for both halogen and Xenon HID bulbs
ii)You should disconnect your battery from the vehicle to ensure that you don't electrocute yourself. The ballasts in the kits
produce high voltage that can serious harm you if accidently powered without the bulbs connected.
iii) The Xenon HID Lights should never flicker. If they are flickering, you may need additional components not
included. Please contact us for more information and help to diagnose the issue with your vehicle. Do not turn on the
Xenon HID Kit until the problem is resolved.
1. Check contents of your kit. You should have:
2 x Ballasts 2 sets of brackets 1 x H4 Harness 2 x H4 Bi-Xenon Bulbs
2. Remove your existing halogen bulbs from the vehicle (refer to your vehicles' owner s' manual for instructions). Do not
touch glass on bulb, and store properly in case you remove the Xenon HID Conversion kit, these bulbs may be reused.
3. Install and secure the H4 Bi-Xenon Bulbs into the headlight housing (reverse of how you remove your existing halogen
bulbs). The base and the actual bulb on the H4 Bi-Xenon Bulb can be split into 2 pieces to make your installation
easier. We recommend you to split the 2 pieces apart when installing to ensure that you don't accidentally touch the
glass on the bulb. Install the base first, then insert bulb back into base and twist lock.
Notice arrow pointing at 'lock' Twist bulb counter clockwise from base Remove bulb from base
4. Assemble brackets on to the ballasts:

5. Plug the 2 'AMP' Connectors from the ballast to the H4 Xenon HID Bulb 'AMP' Connectors (there are a total of 4 pairs
of connectors to plug).
6. Mount Ballasts. Ensure that the power connector hole on the ballast is facing down to ensure that moisture and
condensation doesn't build up inside the plug. Also, keep ballast and other parts from the kit away from moving parts
and parts that produce heat. One suggestion would be to bend the mounting bracket 90 degrees and mount bracket
on radiator bar so that the ballast hangs off the radiator bar.
7. Note the side that the vehicle's battery is on. Plug the H4 plug from the harness in to the vehicle's headlight socket
(that you unplugged from the original halogen bulb) closest to the battery. The other socket will not be used - please
secure and insulate the opposite socket.
8. Plug ballast plugs from the harness to the ballasts. (Note that the clip from the plugs on the harness should clip to the
angled notch on the ballast's power hole). On the harness, the wires to one of the ballast plugs is longer than the
other. The plug with the shorter wire is to be plugged into the ballast closest to the battery. The other plug will have to
be run across to the other side of the vehicle. Secure all wires away from heat, moving parts, and weather.
9. Plug the High Beam / Low Beam control wires from the harness to the H4 HID bulbs (one on each bulb).
10. On each side of the vehicle, secure the ground points to good ground points. Be sure to sand
down any paint or rust to create an excellent ground point. Do not extend the ground wire. Do not attach ground to
another ground point for other devices that may interfere with the HID ballast. Poor grounds will cause intermittent
problems will lights not coming on, radio interference, etc.
11. Mount the H4 module from the harness away from heat, moving parts and weather.
12. Connect the fused red power wire from H4 harness directly to battery. Jumping terminals and other power points may
not provide adequate power for the ballasts to operate correctly.